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Ahem attention here all the kids here

this is fnaf 3 because it have audio lure

press spacebar on any shut any cam press shift to hide.

Mostly shutting off cam would be 100% win rate or maybe not at all.

this is a waist of time, the game doesn't explain how to do anything, so you're placed in an office confused and clueless and the only thing you know how to do is use the camera and that's because of fnaf 10/10 would delete again

Baby Game

Wait does Disney support this?


sorry gam

i not play it play it yet but it looks like a good gam

i want full screen


Five nights at freddy's vs Five nights at treasure island

fnaf becuz the real one is pure gold


how the hell do I embed It!


how do i defend myself?

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Arent there any doors, or audio lure, or a mask?


is scary game


fuck you




i didnt know u play roblox

but srsly, shut up...


Deleted 83 days ago

we didnt need to know