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Its Cool When You Click End Game

This Ruins My Childhood


Space = shut off camera

if not working for some characters then press shift to hide.

Ima be spooked :D

nice game!

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If you still have doubts about how to defend yourself, here's my little guide to help ya

1- if some of them get in your office activate your camera tablet and deactivate one of your cameras to make it go away. The camera you just deactivated will be back after some time. Headless goofy isn't fooled by it tho, if he appears you can only hide under your table to make him go away. Speaking of it, hide under your table can be used at anyone, but you chances of surviving are 50%, so it's more safe to use the camera trick.

2- Donald Duck (or Daisy) head can appear anytime in your office. When it appears, quickly deactivate a camera, or else you just going to get deaf by it's sound and will make all the other characters present on that night to move faster than normal.

3- If you start to hear Suicide Mouse piano on the background, it means that he's going to appear sometime. Just do the same trick like the others and you should be fine. The song will remain but after a while it will stop.

If you still have some doubt about something, just reply here and I'll try to help you. Good luck



Ahem attention here all the kids here

this is fnaf 3 because it have audio lure

press spacebar on any shut any cam press shift to hide.

Mostly shutting off cam would be 100% win rate or maybe not at all.

thanks for the controls


this is a waist of time, the game doesn't explain how to do anything, so you're placed in an office confused and clueless and the only thing you know how to do is use the camera and that's because of fnaf 10/10 would delete again

turn off the camera with space and hide under desk for 50/50 chance to live but it always works with goofy


Baby Game


Wait does Disney support this?


sorry gam

i not play it play it yet but it looks like a good gam

i want full screen


Five nights at freddy's vs Five nights at treasure island

fnaf becuz the real one is pure gold


how the hell do I embed It!

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how do i defend myself?

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Arent there any doors, or audio lure, or a mask?


is scary game


fuck you




i didnt know u play roblox

but srsly, shut up...


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we didnt need to know